Fall Yard Work, Happy Lawns and Sore Muscles

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Image by: Jack Amick on Flick.com

The kids are back in school and your household schedule is starting to get back to normal (if there’s such a thing). With the fall season approching, our vacation schedules tend to take a back seat for the next few months. Since were home more often, now is the time that many people start preparing their yards for the upcoming winter and spring seasons. Transplanting, aerating, feeding, and seeding are a few of that activites that you may be doing to your landscape during the fall.

Pulling, pushing, lifting, and kneeling! You work through the day and at the end of it you are happy with the work you have done. You sit back to relax and enjoy the toils of your labor, and that’s when it starts to hit you. Your muscles are not as happy!

What’s even worse is that the next day, your muscles start fighting your every move. The first thing we do as humans when he feel sore muscles? We place our hand on the area and start massaging it. Why? It’s natures way of telling you that light massage works for reducing muscle pain. The light massage that you are doing actually helps to increase the blood circulation to those over-worked muscles.

While self-massage may be beneficial short term, you should seek out your friendly massage therapist for professional relaxaction. Through the knowledge of your body’s muscular system a massage therapist can help get the blood flowing around muscles you may not be able to affectivly reach. Also, aromatherapy helps to increase blood flow.

After you’ve had a great weekend of tidying up your lawn, give me a call at 865-964-5215 so we can discuss your soreness and schedule an appointment if things are not improving. You can also schedule an appointment online by visiting the scheduling page.