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A few minutes with Terrah, to find out what’s best for you!

Hot Stone MASSAGE by Terrah BanakasLooking for a new massage therapist may be difficult at times. Massages are supposed to help relieve stress, alienate pain, and restore balance to your mind and body, while leaving you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Finding a therapist should not be stressful. I want to help take the stress out of finding the right one for you. You probably came to my website looking for information about who I and what I have to offer. A website may not give you every detail about how I can customize a program unique only to you, nor can it fully describe the experience of receiving a massage.

So, to help relieve the stress of finding a new therapist, I would like to offer new visitors to MASSAGE by Terrah Banakas a 30 minute introductory massage session for only $25.00 (regularly priced $45.00). Throughout this session, you will receive a relaxing massage during which I can answer any questions you may have about the massage process, the types of massage that I offer, and how a customized program will benefit you.

This is not a special, limited time offer. This is something that I want to do for you because I know how difficult it can be to find a new massage therapist. Give me a few minutes of your time and let’s discuss what is right for you and your wellness. Are ready to get together? You can either call 865-964-5215, email me at, or schedule online now.

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Who is Terrah Banakas?

Back MassageI studied Massage Therapy in South Florida and became Nationally Certified and licensed in Tennessee and Florida. I am committed to providing the highest quality massage therapy services for men and women in a safe and comfortable setting. I also strive to help my customers get the greatest benefit, carefully tailoring each session to meet your personal needs. For absolutely the best massage in the East Tennessee area, call or make an online appointment today!

A soothing massage can help you unwind, but that’s not all. Explore the health benefits, then find out what to expect. You may think of a massage as a luxury found in exotic spas and upscale health clubs. But did you know that, when combined with traditional medical treatments, massage promotes healing and can reduce stress?

During a typical session, a licensed therapist manipulates your body’s soft tissues (muscles, skin, and tendons), using his or her fingertips, hands and/or fists. Several versions of massage exist, and they can be preformed in a variety of settings (home, office, anywhere that makes you comfortable).

What to Expect

If this is your first time receiving a massage, and your curious as to what’s going to happen during your session, click here to find out what to expect. I have also laid out a path from finding the perfect massage for you to scheduling your first massage session.

How to Get the Most From Your Massage

I have created a list of 16 ways you can get the most out of your next massage session.

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