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Hi! I’m Terrah, yes Terrah, as in MASSAGE by Terrah Banakas. This is my website and I thank you kindly for visiting and specifically taking time to find out more about me, by reading this page!

Who is Terrah Banakas?

I am [php function=1] years old, and have been a nationally licensed massage therapy for [php function=2] years.

In that time, I have touched hundreds of lives and countless muscles. My goal is to give you the best one on one service that is tailored to your lifestyle. I am able to do that by providing flexible scheduling; early morning, late nights, weekends, you name it, we can figure out a time that’s best for you, your lifestyle, and my schedule.

I have had my office setup in the beautiful Renaissance|Farragut Office Park, located on Kingston Pike in Farragut, TN for over a year now. The best way to find my office is by heading over to Seasons Cafe and going next door, and up the stairs. In case you are interested in finding out more about where I am located, I have create a page detailing my location.

Elephant Art

Elephant Art

This past year has been a fantastic ride for me. I opened my first establishment, met a bunch of new, great people, and learned a bunch of new things about running a small business. OH! And how could I forget? I traveled over to Thailand and spent 4 weeks there learning about the Thai culture, eating Thai food, and learning the skills for Traditional Thai Massage. During my trip I visited Bangkok, Chiang Mai, released floating lanterns during the Loi Krathong (also written as Loy Krathong or Loy Gratong, Thai: ลอยกระทง), floated down a river on a bamboo raft, Huck Finn-style, and watched elephants create art.

What Terrah Does!

MASSAGE by Terrah Banakas

Huck Finn Style!

Well, let’s see. Seeing as how you are on this page, reading about me, on my website, titled MASSAGE by Terrah Banakas, you can guess that I’m a massage therapist. But outside of massage, I enjoy hiking the Smoky Mountains, the Cherokee National Forest, and just about anywhere else my hiking boots will take me.

But what I love the most are my two children and my husband. I try hard to spend as much time as I can with them. Family time is the most precious time. When we are not out hiking, traveling, or just enjoying life, I can sometimes be found in the kitchen cooking up freshly made meals for my family.

Back in the office, I will use my skills as a massage therapist to give you the best therapeutic and most relaxing massage that I can give you. I’ve learned the skill of massage therapy while living in South Florida and I am nationally
certified with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and state licensed in both Florida and Tennessee.

Thai It All Together

In order to give you the best, most authentic massage, I traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand to learn and practice the techniques of Traditional Thai Massage. My travels have given me the opportunity to bring back, the skills needed to perform Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Foot Massage, and the techniques used to apply an herbal ball compress.

To further my desire to make your life better and less stressful, I am planning on going back to Thailand for another session of training, on how to teach Traditional Thai Massage. With this knowledge, I plan to teach you how you and your partner can apply and receive the calming benefits of Thai Massage at home.

Even More Information

If you are interested in reading more about me and my massage business, you might like to read about MASSAGE by Terrah Banakas in the press.

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