Introductory Massage

Introductory Massage

Introductory Massage 30 Minute RelaxationIf you’re new to the process of getting a massage or just curious about what all this is about, well I’m here to help you take the first steps into an experience that I hope will be beneficial to your health. One of the things I can do to make this search easier it to offer you an Introductory Massage.

The more research you do online on the types of available massage, you will quickly find that there seems to be about as many types of massage as there are massage therapists. Because of this, finding a good therapist that is able to meet your specific needs can sometimes be a daunting task and as with massage therapy, I hope that I can help make this task a less stressful one.

30 Minutes of Your Time

For first time visitors, I am offering a 30 minute relaxation massage for only $25.00. With this session, I will give you a nice, calming, relaxation massage. This will give you the opportunity to visit with me, try out a massage session, and ask any questions you have about massage in general, my practice, or how massage will benefit you.

To take part in this special session you can either call 865-964-5215, email or go ahead a book the Introductory Massage session online.

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