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5 Reasons NOT To Get A Massage

My job as a massage therapist is to educate you on why it’s important for you and your body to receive a massage on a regular basis. For the past year, I have taken the time to teach you about the benefits of massage and described how each massage type …

Sick and Tired

A Bug Has Been Going Around

Last week, my family and I battled a bug that was circulating around our house. Being sick is not fun and very unproductive. Today I was thinking about you and hoping that this bug that’s been going around has not affected you or your family. With a bug going around, …

Massage By Terrah Banakas

A Big Hearty Thank You!

I need your help with something, but first I have something quick to say! We are fast approaching the one year anniversary since I first opened the doors to MASSAGE by Terrah Banakas, and none of this past year could have happened without you. It would have been extremely difficult …