Thailand Update – Post 1

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Good evening everyone, and I hope I find you all doing good. Today marks the halfway point of my month long absence from you all and first and foremost, I miss all of you. I pray that everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and a stress free Black Friday.

Keeping up with these updates had turned out to be a bit more difficult than I originally thought, hence the lack of them up until now.

Thailand is huge and there are tons of people here. Getting through customs in Bangkok took a while, but we were all finally able to get through it and into the country. Before reaching our final destination of Chiang Mai, we spent the day in Bangkok. We were introduced to Thai Massage by getting a “Southern Style” Thai Massage (Southern Style Thai Massage incorporates stronger pressure during the massage, than that of the style that I will be learning), we also took some time to visit and tour the Grand Palace and finished the day off with an authentic Thai dinner.

The following morning we headed out and visited a floating market, had lunch, then headed to the airport for out final flight to Chiang Mai.

Since reaching Chiang Mai, it’s been mostly school related activities with some site seeing fun thrown in. This past weekend I was able to take a ride through the jungle on an elephant and also helped guide a bamboo raft down the river.

If time allows I will try to continue these updates and expand more on some of the activities that we’ve been doing to fill up our time.