Herbal Ball Ingredients

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Several people have asked about the ingredients in the dried Thai Herbal Ball, so I decided I would list all the herbal ball ingredients, their amounts, and their therapeutic properties.


Herbal Ball Compress Ingredients

Raw herbal ball compress ingredients

  • Plai: 30 grams – Anti-inflammatory for sprain and muscular pain, skin protection
  • Turmeric: 30 grams – Enhance skin softness, smoothness and healthy skin
  • Lemon Grass: 30 grams – Toxin removal, anti-fungus, anti-bacteria, relief of indigestion
  • Tamarind: 19 grams – Cleansing, antibacterial, stimulate digestion
  • Safflower: 6 grams – Relaxation, lower blood pressure, toxin cleansing
  • Eucalyptus (Blue Gum): 20 grams – Cold, nasal congestion, muscle ache, bruises, swollen
  • Rock Salt: 6 grams – Reduce fever, anti-inflammatory for joint pain
  • Camphor: 4 grams – Antiseptic, to enhance aromatic and absorption


  • Portion sizes are approximate
  • Clients that are on Homeopathy treatment should avoid Eucalyptus and Camphor

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